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Consumer Awarness Lapbook Project

22 Mar

As consumers we buy hundreds of  products each year . We must know our rights when we buy products and services, and what to do if there’s a problem.

  • Work in a group of  4
  • Choose 1 product that you have / use at home or school.   Note ( products should belong to one category only)
  • Gather information about the specification of the products.
  • Make a lapbook :
  •      1- use pictures or drawings of the products.

          2- Write short notes about the specification of the products,brands, where to buy them , Instructions on how to use them, warranty, etc

   3- Prepare possible complaints or problems.

4- What are your rights as a consumer???? Find about Consumer Protection association site and their contact information. Give advice about how to deal with a problem or filing a complaint.

Watch these short videos to have a better understanding of what a lapbook is:







Second Year 1st Project: Producing a TV Show Episode

30 Nov

This is your time to shine. You are asked to produce an episode for TV. Work in a group to prepare an 8 minute episode of a TV show.

You need to agree on:

1- The type of program (cinema drama -game show -morning show- quiz show- talent show -sitcom -sports program – TV movie  – etc…..)

2- The roles/ jobs of the group members ( host- guest- actor- cameraman- director- interviewer- contestant – makeup artist – newswoman – etc…..)

3- Prepare the script or dialogue. 
NOTE: Make sure everyone in the group have an equal speaking time.

4-Write down and prepare the kinds of props you will need ( clothes -camera -chairs -music – video background- etc….. )

5- Think how you will arrange your stage.

6- Practice your episode and make changes if necessary.

This is your evaluation rubric



Vision Board Day

17 Nov

A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done. This is the students’ third project. I evaluated both social and speaking skills. It was a great opportunity to know more about my students and their personality.

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Next Project: A Vision Board

27 Oct

For unit 3 I want my students to make vision boards. This is the task:

A Vision board is created by a student to illustrate what she wants in the future. A vision board is a personal collection of an individual’s desires and no restrictions are placed on the images or words displayed on the board.

You will need to look through magazines and online to find pictures and words that represent your goals. You may draw pictures or write words to represent your goals.

It is recommended that you paste your name in the center of your board.

Paste the pictures and words on the vision board. Pictures may overlap, words can be pasted on top of images or pictures can be in a distinct order. An organized collage is the goal.

At the back of the board, you will need to describe the items on your board, explaining their meaning to you.

Job Fair Project

12 Oct

The student’s second project will be on October 18th. I’m excited to see what they come up with .