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Consumer Awarness Lapbook Project

22 Mar

As consumers we buy hundreds of  products each year . We must know our rights when we buy products and services, and what to do if there’s a problem.

  • Work in a group of  4
  • Choose 1 product that you have / use at home or school.   Note ( products should belong to one category only)
  • Gather information about the specification of the products.
  • Make a lapbook :
  •      1- use pictures or drawings of the products.

          2- Write short notes about the specification of the products,brands, where to buy them , Instructions on how to use them, warranty, etc

   3- Prepare possible complaints or problems.

4- What are your rights as a consumer???? Find about Consumer Protection association site and their contact information. Give advice about how to deal with a problem or filing a complaint.

Watch these short videos to have a better understanding of what a lapbook is:







Students’ Greeting cards

14 Feb


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New Term….New projects

4 Feb


This is 1st grade secondary Level 2 new project  this semester. With the upcoming Janadriyah Festival  on the 8th of February.I’ve decided to let my students design a greeting card about Saudi National Day. Janadriyah is a national heritage and folk cultural festival. It lasts for two weeks and is organized by the National Guard.

The project:

1- Work in a group of 3 to design a greeting card for Saudi Arabia National Day.
2- Choose who you are sending the card to.
3- Write 3 sentences about Saudi Arabia using the notes in Chart page 12 in your Pupil Book.
4- Add suitable and related picture , images
or drawings.

5- You will present your project on Saturday 11 th of February .

End of 1st Term Parties

3 Feb

I forgot to upload the pictures from the parties we had at the end of the1st term. My students did a custom party and a talent show. It was a great stress reliever before starting their finals .

New Term

3 Feb

We started the 2nd term on Saturday the 28th of January 5/3/1433AH. I’m still teaching grade 1 but level 2.

I sat with my students and drafted the pros ,cons of the 1st semester and what are they looking forward to this term. We also agreed on a strategy to organize and benefit from portfolios. I’m optimistic this term will be easier and more organized than the 1st one. Let’s Rock and Roll 🙂

Great Jobs and Careers.

10 Dec

This is second Secondary 2nd project.

1-  Work in a group of  ( 3 )

2-  Research and collect information about a great job or career. ( just 1 job )
You need to know
a- Job title
b- Duties and Activities
c- Requirements
d- Personal characteristics
e- employment and career prospects.

3- Prepare a poster

4- Present it to class on Sunday December 18th in your class.

Note  : you will have 3 min of speaking time.

Just when You Think It Is Getting Worse …..This happens:

30 Nov

This week I’ve learnt that one of our teachers took her maternity leave and we had to take her classes. The term is almost over and there is so much work to be done. To top it off I got sick too. So there was not much to smile about untill I was asked today by 3 of  2/2 s students whom I’ve taught last year to go down stairs with them. At first I thought something had happened to one of the students or there was a problem . When we got to their class , I was totally surprised. They have arranged a party for me because I’m going to teach them again. I was stunned,speechless and shed a couple of tears. They have no idea what this means to me. I was so happy and I told them that they have actually made my whole WEEK that moment. I’m blessed to have them as my students. Thank you Allah for all your blessings.