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Students’ Greeting cards

14 Feb


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New Term….New projects

4 Feb


This is 1st grade secondary Level 2 new project  this semester. With the upcoming Janadriyah Festival  on the 8th of February.I’ve decided to let my students design a greeting card about Saudi National Day. Janadriyah is a national heritage and folk cultural festival. It lasts for two weeks and is organized by the National Guard.

The project:

1- Work in a group of 3 to design a greeting card for Saudi Arabia National Day.
2- Choose who you are sending the card to.
3- Write 3 sentences about Saudi Arabia using the notes in Chart page 12 in your Pupil Book.
4- Add suitable and related picture , images
or drawings.

5- You will present your project on Saturday 11 th of February .

End of 1st Term Parties

3 Feb

I forgot to upload the pictures from the parties we had at the end of the1st term. My students did a custom party and a talent show. It was a great stress reliever before starting their finals .

Back To School

11 Sep

This is our back to school week. I started planning about a week ago. I wrote down all the strategies ,methods ,activities and games  I used last year and categorized them based on students’ results . Next, I highlighted the obstetrical and brainstormed ideas to over come them.

Normally, I set up the educational goals based on the curriculum but since I still don’t know which one we will be teaching this year, I concentrated on the  Firsts : First impressions and First activity.

Every teacher should start with a positive tune not rules and regulations.I looked for activities that will allow me to get to know the new students better, while giving them the chance of knowing more about me and also breaking the ice .

I plan to introduce myself on the 1st day . Get to know the students’ names. Then we will do these activities:

My Favorite Things !!!

1- I’ll write some unscramble words on the board. These  are a list of my favorite things.

2- Students will work in groups to try to unscramble the words.

3- After all of the words have been unscrambled, I’ll ask the students to name a category  or topic for all the words.

4- If the students can not guess, I tell them they have just discovered my favorite things.

5-Then Students will  create some scrambled words of their own. We will unscramble their lists during the rest of the week .

Snowball Fight!!!

1- Give the students a clean sheet of  paper.

2-Have them write 2-3 unique things about themselves.It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence.

3-Tell them NOT to put their name on the paper.

4-Next, have them crunch the paper into a ball.

5-Have them stand in a large circle around the room.

6-Then allow them one full minute to have a snowball fight!Emphasizing on not hitting the face.

7-When one minute is up, have them pick up the paper a “snowball” nearest to them, unfold it, and take turns trying to guess who it is.

Desert Island!!!

Announce, ‘You’ve been exiled to a deserted island for a year. In addition to the essentials, you may take one piece of music, one book  and one luxury item you can carry with you i.e. not a boat to leave the island! What would you take and why?’ Allow a few minutes for the students to write  their list of three items, before sharing their choices with the rest of the group.

I’m always nervous on first days and I`m sure that`s a good thing because it means we care 🙂