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People Bingo

29 Sep

Bingo is a powerful teaching tool and one of the most popular ice breakers because it’s so easy to customize for your particular students ,group and situation. Also it is easy to teach how to play it. I make my own cards. You can play Bingo with virtually any subject. I use  it for grammar practice ( specially present & past tenses ) and Vocabulary .

Vocabulary: In the Bingo chart boxes, put the vocabulary words your class is currently studying. You will read out the definitions and the students have to match them up. Example: Teacher say  “launch” and the students cover up or put an X on  “sent into space.”

Grammar : Teacher can ask  “Students, do you have…..
1.A noun
2.A passive sentence
3.A preposition
4. Yes, No Question
5. A present continuous sentence
6.An article

or read a sentence and the students put an X on the correct for of verb

There are hundreds of BINGO Card free generator online. I didn’t put a link to any because you need to see which one will work best  for YOU. A very easy and simple way to make your Bingo cards is by using your MS word processor . Inset a table and add your desired text then hit print .

This is one of the Bingo cards I use