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New Term

3 Feb

We started the 2nd term on Saturday the 28th of January 5/3/1433AH. I’m still teaching grade 1 but level 2.

I sat with my students and drafted the pros ,cons of the 1st semester and what are they looking forward to this term. We also agreed on a strategy to organize and benefit from portfolios. I’m optimistic this term will be easier and more organized than the 1st one. Let’s Rock and Roll 🙂


Three weeks into the School Year

29 Sep

I was recently talking to a friend in NY about teaching the same grade with a very similar scope & sequences of units in the subject area. She told  me about the positive effect it had on her and her students. She suggested that teachers should be allowed to stay in the same grade for a couple of years. I think I agree with her. I spent the last 5  years juggling  new syllabuses and the an unwanted move to another grade every semester . It caused me to spend hours and hours and hours trying to figure everything out again. And in all the time I’d spend starting over,I feared that my students might have felt it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist . I hate to admit it but for a while it felt like a burden …something I’m not enjoying at all.

I like a change and trying on new techniques and activities but sometimes you just need a break to step a side and have a good hard look at your work to make even better. I know that teaching is a constant collaboration with others and more than often trial and error to find out what actually works for you as a teacher. Let’s hope for the best this term.