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Students’ Greeting cards

14 Feb


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Great Jobs and Careers.

10 Dec

This is second Secondary 2nd project.

1-  Work in a group of  ( 3 )

2-  Research and collect information about a great job or career. ( just 1 job )
You need to know
a- Job title
b- Duties and Activities
c- Requirements
d- Personal characteristics
e- employment and career prospects.

3- Prepare a poster

4- Present it to class on Sunday December 18th in your class.

Note  : you will have 3 min of speaking time.

Job Fair Project

20 Oct

This is my students’ second project. The class was divided into groups. Each group was given a task as you will see in the video below. Students were more comfortable speaking this time around. Confidence, creativity ,organization sills and group work ethics were among my goals going a head with this project. The principle , a math teacher and the student advisory were among the attendee. Their feedback was very positive.

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Student Project : Changes in Saudi Arabia

6 Oct

This is 1st grade Secondary students project ( Major Changes in Saudi Arabia ) . Students used the chart to write what they knew about major changes in the country. Then exchanged the papers and compared notes. Class was divided into groups to prepare a PowerPoint presentation or a poster. It was a great experience. Students really enjoyed it. It broke the psychological barrier and the fear of speaking English. I got a positive feedback from one particular student who wanted to transfer from the school because she could not understand me nor speak English. She did her best today and was almost in tears. Its moments like this that makes all the difference and reminds me what a powerful job teaching is.