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Consumer Awarness Lapbook Project

22 Mar

As consumers we buy hundreds of  products each year . We must know our rights when we buy products and services, and what to do if there’s a problem.

  • Work in a group of  4
  • Choose 1 product that you have / use at home or school.   Note ( products should belong to one category only)
  • Gather information about the specification of the products.
  • Make a lapbook :
  •      1- use pictures or drawings of the products.

          2- Write short notes about the specification of the products,brands, where to buy them , Instructions on how to use them, warranty, etc

   3- Prepare possible complaints or problems.

4- What are your rights as a consumer???? Find about Consumer Protection association site and their contact information. Give advice about how to deal with a problem or filing a complaint.

Watch these short videos to have a better understanding of what a lapbook is: