Second Year 1st Project: Producing a TV Show Episode

30 Nov

This is your time to shine. You are asked to produce an episode for TV. Work in a group to prepare an 8 minute episode of a TV show.

You need to agree on:

1- The type of program (cinema drama -game show -morning show- quiz show- talent show -sitcom -sports program – TV movie  – etc…..)

2- The roles/ jobs of the group members ( host- guest- actor- cameraman- director- interviewer- contestant – makeup artist – newswoman – etc…..)

3- Prepare the script or dialogue. 
NOTE: Make sure everyone in the group have an equal speaking time.

4-Write down and prepare the kinds of props you will need ( clothes -camera -chairs -music – video background- etc….. )

5- Think how you will arrange your stage.

6- Practice your episode and make changes if necessary.

This is your evaluation rubric



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