Next Project: A Vision Board

27 Oct

For unit 3 I want my students to make vision boards. This is the task:

A Vision board is created by a student to illustrate what she wants in the future. A vision board is a personal collection of an individual’s desires and no restrictions are placed on the images or words displayed on the board.

You will need to look through magazines and online to find pictures and words that represent your goals. You may draw pictures or write words to represent your goals.

It is recommended that you paste your name in the center of your board.

Paste the pictures and words on the vision board. Pictures may overlap, words can be pasted on top of images or pictures can be in a distinct order. An organized collage is the goal.

At the back of the board, you will need to describe the items on your board, explaining their meaning to you.

This is the rubric I’ll be using to evaluate your boards.

Evaluation of Vision Board Project


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